Do you feel stuck in a situation that you don’t want to be in, but you can't see a way out? 

Are you at a crossroads and not sure about the next steps?

I see you, lovely person. Know that you are not alone. I am a working mum and like many of us want to have it all: have fulfilling and meaningful work, raise a family (did I mention being a fun parent?), pursue my passions and projects and magically make the rest of life happen. And yes, our house is in chaos at times and there are days when nothing goes. BUT, I know where I am headed, and over time I have developed ways to quickly get back to clarity and confidence and making things happen. I have created flexible structures and frameworks for myself to fall back on, and I can help you do the same.


  • You feel overwhelmed, juggling different aspects of your life

  • You are overthinking your next steps, but you are not DOING anything

  • You find it difficult to make decisions because you want to make THE RIGHT decision

  • You've lost your sense of self, and you are drifting without any direction

  • You know it’s time for a change, but you don't know where even to start

  • You feel doubt, guilt and the thought of uncertainty is making you feel anxious

  • You procrastinate

  • You feel like you have stagnated. Seeing other people ‘overtake’ makes you feel frustrated and sometimes envious


You've had conversations with friends or family who offer well-meaning advice which have been helpful, sure, but because you share a common history, it’s hard to be objective. Everyone has their angle on life, based on their experience, hopes and fears, and it doesn't necessarily apply to you or your situation.

You have read countless read self-help books or watched YouTube videos and loved the tips and insights but found it hard, putting it into practice. Life has a habit of getting in a way, and it's hard to keep going on your own.

You started making some changes and experimented with different options but haven’t stuck with it long enough or gave up before you knew whether this is working for you.


Getting out of stuckness and overwhelm is about shifting how you think and feel. Often, what keeps stuck are deep-rooted fears and limiting beliefs that we hold about ourselves and our environment. We are stuck in old stories. We are afraid of change and the insecurity it may bring and wonder whether we can pull it off.


Albert Einstein famously said you couldn't be doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. But this is what happens when our mind monkeys take over: you circle the same topics without you getting anywhere. Things become a little messy, priorities are getting jumbled up, and the direction becomes blurry.


I believe what's needed is a coach and partner who deeply listens and provides a safe and courageous space for you to reflect, grow and take action. Someone that helps you to sort through the issues at hand, explore options, prioritise and formulate a plan of action.

Someone that not only brings their expertise to the table but who acts as a neutral sounding board for your ideas and insights. Someone that believes in you and honours what wants to come through you into the world. Most importantly, a coach that helps you to make it happen, who cheers you on or gives you a nudge when the going gets tough. 

Creating such an alliance is powerful. You will feel a sense of relief and inner peace, knowing that you have a vision for the future and a plan to make it happen. You’ll move forward with clarity and confidence and take inspired action. You will finally go for the things you want instead of sitting at home and dreaming about it. For some clients, it is embarking on a new career path; others find they have found their sweet spot in their priorities right so that they make real progress in specific areas of their lives.

Last but not least, you'll learn self-coaching tools that will serve you for the rest of your life and become better at decision making.


Ready to dive in? Before we engage in coaching, I ask that we have an initial conversation. This allows us to make a call if we are a good match and want to work with each other.  


Click here to book a free 45-minute Discovery Call with me.  [HYPER LINK]



Ready to dive in? Before we engage in coaching, I ask that we have an initial conversation. This allows us to make a call if we are a good match and want to work with each other.  


Click here to book a free 45-minute Discovery Call with me.  [HYPER LINK]


I have been a coach for nearly a decade. Previously I have also struggled with clarity and direction in the past. When I was younger, my family moved a lot, and I constantly had to adapt to different environments, cultures and even languages. I developed survival strategies but internally I struggled. On a soul level, I stagnated. I didn't have much confidence and didn't think into the future; I just drifted along. I was just surviving, not thriving. I kept myself small. I just didn’t know any different.

Only when I first experienced coaching I started to discover and nurture what was essentially me, I found out what motivates me, what makes me thrive, what my strengths are and what I am (let’s be honest) not so great at. I learned to be brave (still do) and that once you make up your mind and you make a move, the universe conspires to help you. I learned that everything is 'figureoutable' and that people will go above and beyond to help you on your journey.

I am now blending my creative and nurturing side with my structured and organised side to create and live a life I love and help others to do the same. 


Where do you coach? 

I work with clients in person, over the phone and online via Zoom, a virtual meeting platform, both within London and internationally.

Face-to-face sessions take place in Muswell Hill, North London at the MHMC. I also work with clients in Central London at the Royal Festival Hall.

When do you coach? 

I offer a flexible schedule to suit different lifestyles and commitments.

I talk to clients from


Wed - Fri 10am – 3pm and Sat 3pm– 6pm.


I also offer evening sessions (phone or video calls only) from

Mon - Wed at 8pm .


All times are shown in London time (GMT).

Is there a difference between face-to-face and virtual coaching?

This depends on personal preference but in terms of results and focus in the session, there is no difference. In some cases, phone coaching works even better as it helps both sides to deeply listen without any visual distractions.


Many of my clients choose coaching via phone or video calls as a way to eliminate extra travel time, cost and energy. It also allows you to talk from the comfort of your own home when you are most relaxed and your full self.

What are your payment options?

Excluding the free discovery call, all payments are taken prior to the session. You have the option to pay in full or set up a payment plan and pay in convenient instalments. (An admin fee applies to these payment plans as outlined in the pricing section).

I accept bank transfers and secure online payments via Stripe and Paypal.