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I live with my husband and two beautiful daughters (a 7 and a 1-year-old) in Muswell Hill, a beautiful green area in the North of London. I work with clients both in the UK and worldwide.

My journey

I have been fascinated with personal growth and the world of work ever since I was a teenager.


Always a person with many interests, I have worked in various sectors, both profit and non-profit.  I have been an Administrator and HR Assistant for the WWF (World Wide Fund for nature that is, not the wrestlers!), Front of House in a Language School, Programme Coordinator in a Training company and advisor in an Embassy, to name just a few.

Themes began to emerge over time: my love for people, doing good and being of service, a love of learning and exploring and a strong interest in improving things - first and foremost myself but also systems and structures around me.


In 2010, I found myself at a crossroads. My work had become tedious and repetitive, and the role offered little expansion or prospects of progression. A strong desire to dive deeper into the world of personal development and to create something purposeful on my own; led me to train as a life coach. The following year, I quit my job and set up my coaching practice. I started working with women at a crossroads in their lives, navigating the big life decisions and finding clarity and confidence along the way.

An interesting discovery

Following the birth of my first daughter, I made an interesting discovery: While I had the benefits of purposeful and flexible work, allowing me to enjoy the best of both worlds, conversations with other mums revealed quite the opposite. Being confined to ‘just being a mum’ - at least for a while - many struggled with their identity. Others were frustrated by the unbalanced way they shared parenting and work with their partners. Most women felt unsupported in their transition back into the working world by their employer. Many viewed their life differently after becoming a mum and were unsure about returning to the same career. They craved something more worthwhile: a role giving them a sense of purpose, justifying the time spent away from family.

I figured I could help

I backed up my coaching toolkit with in-depth career coach training and wanted to do my bit to support mums like you and me. And so, helping mums carve out a wholesome life and career for themselves has become the focus of my work. We spend so much time at work, thinking about work and sustaining us through our job, it’s crucial we get that bit right. And women, in general, are already spinning so many plates, we must reach out for support when needed. 

A holistic approach 

I believe in a holistic approach. In my sessions, we address both practical questions and emotional issues that can get in the way of us moving forward. We take into account your life as a whole and how the puzzles come together. And most importantly, we have some fun along the way.

Image by tabitha turner

The most rewarding moments 

  • The sighs of relief when my clients feel seen and appreciated for who they are (as opposed to in a role as mother or partner).

  • When they rediscover their passions and see possibilities open up, that set them on fire.

  • When they laugh in disbelief and say, “Why didn’t I think of this myself?”

  • When I get the news that they landed their dream job and negotiated a higher salary on top of it.

  • Last but not least, I learn about new sectors and the work of different companies and organisations daily, which I find enriching. 

10 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I love stripey tops (the Breton kind - they are just cool!).

  2. According to the Myers-Briggs personality test, I am an INFJ-A, sometimes referred to as the "Advocate" or the "Idealist" (surprise!)

  3. I used to be a DJ in my early twenties.

  4. I have lived in four different countries, one of them being Switzerland, where I learned to pronounce tongue-twisting words like "chuchichäschtli"

  5. My most unusual job was a one-off gig as“Butterfly Courier”. It involved travelling to the other side of the country to pick up a rare taxidermy butterfly for a photographer I knew. I stayed at a top location for the weekend, work and all expenses paid. Heaven.

  6. My career alternatives would be 

    A) Journalist - The idea of constantly learning new things and writing about them or interviewing people fascinates me

    B) Actress - Not that I am particularly talented, but who wouldn’t want to dive into a different era once in a while, wear costumes and learn some incredible skills like horse riding on the job?

    C) Property Fixer Upper - I am a sucker for home makeover shows, and I love giving old things a new lease of life. This one is still on my list for a future project.


  7. We are an international family and speak three languages between us:    English, German and Spanish

  8. My dream is to take my family on the road in a campervan for a few weeks or months. I would love to experience that carefree feeling of travelling for a while and just go where the wind blows. 

  9. I love lists and can be highly organised (although I am relaxed around the house in equal measures). I once seriously thought about becoming a professional organiser. 

  10. I like to balance work with practical things: I love walks in nature, letting my hair down in a Zumba class, and I enjoy upcycling and learning new crafts (Himmeli design is next on my current list) and skills. 


Lastly, if you are interested in the list of credentials...

I am a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) through the internationally renowned Co-Active Training Institute and a Licensed Firework Career Coach.


Both trainings are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), and I adhere to their professional code of ethics. 

Over the years, I have studied several other subjects and schools of thought and weave them into my process as I see fit: "The Work" by Byron Katie, Non-violent Communication, Feminine Power by Claire Zammit, to name just a few. 


Still reading? 

Wow, you've made it this far; you are amazing!


If you’re ready to hear more about how I help mums like you find meaningful and flexible work, click below to 

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